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Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (Remote)

Engineering | Remote | Full Time


Who are we?

BuySellAds operates the largest self-serve advertising marketplace on the web. We’re an adtech company empowering publishers and advertisers to connect more efficiently. Don’t let the adtech part scare you away: our mission is to help publishers better monetize their sites so they can spend their time focusing on what they care about (their content!) rather than selling ads. We leverage tech to help broker these sales, and attempt to distance ourselves from the shady world of advertising that existed before.

CSS-Tricks, Digg, Feedly, Axios, and more are just some of the sites who we’re able to help make more money – connecting them with advertisers like Adobe, Microsoft Azure, Slack, Digital Ocean, and Atlassian who are all able to expand their reach through us.

We are a fully distributed/remote team, with ~55 people spread out across 25 cities in 8 countries. We primarily use Rails and React, with a smattering of Go and PHP, but seek to hire developers who are language agnostic and are more interested in shipping quality code than bikeshedding it.

A sneak peek at our dev team:

  • Primarily use Ruby/Rails for the API with a React setup on the frontend (SPA)
  • Some Go for performance-relevant code
  • Heavy Docker use, mostly hosted on AWS
  • We release code every day

Who are you?

We’re looking for senior level developers to help us build out our platform. Everyone on our dev team makes meaningful contributions that positively impact our team and our customers every day – you will likely ship code on your very first day at BSA.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone who is:

  • A natural problem solver: integrations can be messy work, requiring equal measures creativity and patience.
  • A self-starter: remote teams carry lots of autonomy. There’s no micromanaging here.
  • A great communicator: we’re big on teaching, learning, debating, and explaining, and these things require clear, deliberate communication.
  • Experienced working in ad-tech

You’re likely more awesome than you think, so apply even if you only check a few of these boxes.


Woohoo! To apply, send us a blurb about who you are and what you’re into. If you’re stuck on where to start, just focus on what you like to build, things you’ve built in the past that you’re proud of, and what you’d like to be building now.

We do our best to make the hiring process fair and straight-forward: we do an initial meet-and-greet phone screen, a live pair-coding session over Slack (our primary mode of communication), and a take-home coding test. We move quickly on decisions, and we aim to respond to every applicant and provide feedback where appropriate: even if we aren’t the right fit for each other, we want you to know rather than have to second-guess.