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Growth Marketing Manager

Growth Marketing Manager

Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

Full Time


Happy Mammoth is currently looking for an experienced Growth Marketing Manager. This person will lead a team to be experts in direct to consumer marketing, responsible for managing digital advertising campaigns to acquire new customers all while fostering a collaborative work environment.

Here Is What We Offer You:

  • Competitive salary in USD
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Lots of variation to keep the day-to-day exciting with continuous learning
  • Work with a team of high performers who like to get things done
  • Free access to books, courses and anything else that helps improve your skill set

Role requirements:

You will need broad experience and skills across the following areas to be successful in this role:

  • You MUST understand direct response marketing principles
  • You MUST understand media buying at a high level (Facebook & Google)
  • You MUST have demonstrated experience managing a marketing team
  • You should to understand how to create cohesion across all marketing channels
  • You should understand conversion rate optimization and be able to quickly identify leakage/constraints in the funnel
  • You understand how to design and build marketing funnels for paid traffic
  • You can show proven results from other eCommerce/direct response roles
  • You excel in written and verbal communication and can bring teams together

What will set you apart:

  • You have an entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial mindset.
  • You’re able to self manage based upon the overall scope and work required.
  • You’ve grown something before like your own business, blog etc.
  • You have experience in a similar role.
  • You’re able to diagnose and solve technical problems quickly.
  • You have a growth mindset and are willing to constantly learn new things.