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Email and SMS Campaign Flow Planner

Email & SMS Campaign & Flow Planner

Remote position, 1 pm – 9 pm CET

The Email & SMS Campaign & Flow Planner is responsible for conceptualizing, planning, and following up on our clients’ campaigns, SMS, and flows (automated emails).

For this position, you need to be motivated to continuously scan the competitive landscape for best practices and possess the need to constantly improve your skillset and find new things to test out. New and innovative ideas are both welcome and expected, as creativity is one of the most important parts of this role.

What you’ll be working on:

  • Planning and coordinating work on different client accounts
  • Crafting well-organized Campaign and Flow Calendars based on a deep understanding of clients’ goals and their business
  • Being the point of contact for all client’s questions on accounts that you are coordinating
  • Actively participating in client calls, brainstorming creative ideas for the calendars with clients, and making sure they are looped in on activities on their account
  • Updating clients about their area of expertise by filling in every client call agenda before the call
  • Ensuring that the conceptualized Campaigns, SMS, or Flows are executed according to the client requirements and are on brand, and follow the original idea
  • Constantly researching the competitive landscape and reporting on trends through Competitive Monitoring or other audits
  • Updating segments based on different strategic insights
  • Analyzing available data to improve email performance and conversion rate of emails, as well as to deduct which past campaign is a winner
  • Helping in monthly planning by opening the tasks using Integromat

Must-haves and nice-to-haves:

  • Fluent English (both written and spoken)
  • Previous working experience in a position related to digital marketing performance
  • Previous working experience in content development or campaign management
  • Previous working experience with various software platforms related to both project management and digital marketing (such as Asana, Klaviyo, Google Sheets, etc.)
  • Previous working experience in a position such as an Account Manager, Client Relationship Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, or similar will be considered a plus
  • Working experience in email marketing and knowledge of the field is a major plus
  • Familiarity with A/B testing (demonstrable experience will be a plus)

You are someone who:

  • Has strong organizational, time management, planning, and prioritization skills
  • Is adaptable and resourceful you like challenges and you have a strong tenacity to overcome them
  • Is a highly creative and out-of-the-box thinker with an analytical approach to problem-solving
  • Is willing to go the extra mile to ensure client expectations are met, or even better make client delight happen
  • Is independent and would love to work from home, or from a location of your choice
  • Is comfortable being measured through KPIs