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Systems Integration Architect

Title: Systems Integration Architect – Contractor

Location: Remote (US based only)

Job Description

The System Integration Architect is responsible for driving system design and solution integration dialog with potential Partners interested in deploying applications on the Magic Leap 2 device, or integrating it within the context of a larger pre-existing system. These integrations may include, but are not limited to potential application partners in areas such as MedTech, Digital Health, Telemedicine, Biologics development, Lifesciences, Plastics, Polymers and other similar applied sciences & technology applications. This role shall enable the development and growth of a rich partner Ecosystem within the various domains, and also support Partner-to-Partner integrations where opportunities exist with XR technologies for spatial workflow, visualization, and knowledge enabled applications.


The System Integration Architect oversees the processes, tools, and technologies that support the Sales

  • Primarily, this role is responsible for enabling partner applications/solutions development onto the Magic Leap 2 platform.
  • Evaluate Partner use cases, assess Partner designs, and advise on potential solutions and roadmap to productization.
  • Provide in depth answers to Partner questions on the Magic Leap 2 platform technology stack through use of internal resources, personal knowledge, and internal network.
  • Apply active listening in Partner conversations to establish foundational needs, requirements and issues.
  • Collect Partner feedback and document needs for internal platform enhancements following internal processes, recording Partner interactions, outcomes, and learning
  • Provide design input to Partners sufficient for development comprehension and action.
  • Collaborate with internal leadership to help evolve solutions that meet Partner needs in an inclusive, and as needed, iterative manner.
  • Build trust with the Partner technical team, encouraging open dialog brainstorming and sharing of information to shorten time to solution path.
  • Provide recommendations and ideas on navigating regulated design processes, quality systems needs, and high level required standard sufficiently to ensure that Magic Leap is supportive, but not operating beyond its boundaries as a platform provider in Partner discussions.
  • Able to turn high level use case workflows into spatial adaptations, providing XR propositions that address pain points in existing solutions, making use of adjacent technologies such as cloud services, remote rendering, and others as needed.
  • Synchronize with cross-functional teams, to maximize the value of the industry knowledge & applications knowledge available internally to quickly resolve or plan solutions to Partner developments.


Will also consider combinations of education and/or relevant working experience

  • 5+ years in a similar role.
    • Familiar with design for a combined hardware and software system.
  • Knowledge of systems engineering in areas of requirements development, use case definition, platform integration, and verification testing, easily transitioning between hardware and software design and interfacing.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities.
  • Experience with design of integrated hardware platform and application systems in a regulated environment.
  • Experience designing systems compliant to standards common in regulated environments.
    • Eg. IEC 60601, IEC 62304, and ISO 14971, and similar.
  • Experience with design controls and regulated device development quality management systems (US, EU, and others)
    • Eg. ISO 13485, 9001, and similar.
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to give effective professional and charismatic presentations.
  • Strong technical proficiency in applications in support of the creation of documents, spreadsheet, presentation, flowcharts, diagrams, etc


  • BS in Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical/Biomedical/Software or related)

Additional Information

  • All your information will be kept confidential according to Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines.