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Software Engineer

Location:  US Locations Only; 100% Remote


The Software Engineer will be responsible for maintaining our custom software that consists of two online web applications – BuildBook and AirCorps Library. This person will also debug, troubleshoot performance issues, develop new features, as well as develop other new programs to assist our current business. The ideal candidate for this role should possess an interest in the aviation industry, and a willingness to work within a highly specialized development environment with unique needs.

This is a full-time remote position.

Company Overview:

AirCorps Aviation, located in Bemidji, MN, is known for award-winning restorations of WWII aircraft, but they also support the aerospace industry through part manufacturing, part sales, document preservation and production of decals, placards and art. With over 60 employees, AirCorps Aviation is a growing company looking for talented individuals.

BuildBook Overview:

BuildBook is an aircraft restoration ERP system developed to organize and track the restoration of complex aircraft projects. BuildBook consists of major elements, the organization of data and resources, the management of conformity information and the management of parts purchased and fabricated. The program was developed with a ground approach from the technicians on the restoration shop floor working directly with the programmer who created it.

BuildBook is broken down into three primary functions including Search, Project Pages, and Reports. Searching by part/assembly number will produce a list of all projects which utilize that part. Each project page includes a full Bill of Materials for the entire project, but can also be dialed-in to part lists for specific assemblies. Reports allow users to compile information for several topics related to each project.

AirCorps Library Overview:

AirCorps Library is an online service that provides vintage aircraft manufacturing drawings, specifications, and documents/manuals to paid subscribers. The library consists of approximately 500,000 drawings and 12,000 documents. The backing storage for those resources is made up of approximately 570,000,000 files (blobs) requiring approximately 12TB of data storage.

AirCorps Library differentiates between subscribers and non-subscribers, and offers specific data to the users in these two demographics. Subscribers and non-subscribers access the AirCorps Library website from different platforms, each of which is managed by a separate program. The AirCorps Library home page (http://www.aircorpslibrary.com) is hosted in BigCommerce and serves as a junction for subscribers and non-subscribers to navigate to their respective areas of the site (https://app.aircorpslibrary.com/ for subscribers “custom web app”, and https://aircorpslibrary.com/purchase-manuals/ for non-subscribers “in BigCommerce”).

Requirements & Responsibilities:

  • Must be available during regular business hours to diagnose unexpected system issues that may affect customer experience and access
  • Monitoring system performance
  • Communicating key project data to team members
  • Executing project plans and assisting with plan development
  • Offering input and solutions to meet AirCorps technical needs
  • Troubleshooting system errors
  • Managing database systems
  • Editing source code


  • Proficient in C# (.net) coding
  • Experience working in ASP.Net v4.8
  • Must be able to code in HTML and Javascript
  • Be able to read, write, and speak English clearly
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer programming, or related field
  • Experience using relevant software and tool suites (as listed above)
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer

Location: US Locations Only