Social Media Specialist

Location:  Europe; 100% Remote

About MetaGravity

MetaGravity is a deep-technology company headquartered in London. We are fully funded and have grown to over 55 employees over the last 12 months. Very rarely for a deep tech start-up we are earning significant revenues in our first year of operation.

We are building disruptive technology platforms that will enable the future of scalable game simulations across 4 key business areas

  • MetaGravity Engine – the core technology platform which enables game simulations to scale to an arbitrarily large scale, breaking through the monolithic barriers of games engines (40-80 concurrent players) and spatial partitioning platforms (<1000 concurrent players). Our disruptive technology platform is already being deployed commercially and supporting >100k concurrent users in a single shard game environment. We also deliver game changing efficiencies in cloud compute costs, making it economic for the first time for cloud games to operate at scale. We are deeply integrated with major games engines including Unreal and Unity and are cloud agnostic – making it incredibly easy for developers to build new games or port over existing games to our infrastructure.
  • GRAV and BOSON Tokens –  we believe in the scalable decentralised future of cloud gaming infrastructure. Our compute platform will be accessible to customers through a hybrid combination of SAAS (USD Fiat) and a decentralised GRAV token economy. Our approach to distributed compute infrastructure enables us to build a real-time decentralised game asset register (aka a gaming blockchain) that can resolve relevant transactions in 1-2ms, which is revolutionary for the blockchain gaming space. We plan to bring both the GRAV and BOSON tokens to market from 2024
  • MetaGravity Solutions – we are building a leading metaverse game development studio which is commissioned to build new gaming applications on our infrastructure for the most amazing projects globally in the web3, digital twin, art gallery, music/entertainment and cultural space. We can deliver start of the art applications built on the only technology infrastructure which can deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale.
  • MetaGravity Studio – we are building our own MMO RPG mediaeval fantasy sandbox game called Edge of Chaos, leveraging all of the potential of the MetaGravity infrastructure and blockchain platforms

MetaGravity was founded by experienced entrepreneurs and long-term collaborators  Rashid Mansoor (Chief Executive Officer) and Tobin Ireland (Chief Business Officer). Our team is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and innovators with decades-long experience in distributed systems, supercomputing, blockchain, game engine development and AAA game production. We are deeply committed to our cause, believe in its immense upside potential and embrace bold, first-principles thinking in our approach to problem-solving.

Job Summary
The Social Media Executive at MetaGravity will spearhead our online engagement initiatives by managing our social media channels, crafting content, managing the content calendar and serving as the primary contact point for all of our digital audiences. You will be reporting directly to our Head of Marketing – MetaGravity or Head of Marketing – Edge of Chaos


As the Social Media Executive, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Managing and growing MetaGravity’s presence across our social media channels
  • Crafting and communicating key messages to a variety of target audiences
  • Creating, managing and publishing our social media content calendar
  • Designing brand assets that visually communicate our core messages
  • Engaging with our community and responding to inquiries and comments in a timely and professional manner
  • Collaborating with product and marketing teams to ensure a consistent brand image and tone of voice
  • Analysing social media performance metrics to inform strategy as well as reporting back learnings and findings to our internal teams

What We’re Looking For:

  • Exceptional English communication skills: written, visual and verbal
  • Wide breadth of vocabulary and communication techniques
  • Proven experience in managing multiple social media platforms including Linkedin, X, Discord, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Reddit
  • Ability to craft compelling content that resonates with our target audiences
  • Comprehensive and updated knowledge of the social media platforms, tools and best practices
  • Experience with social listening and analytics tools
  • Project management experience working across cross-functional teams using task tracking tools such as ClickUp and Notion
  • Impeccable time management skills
  • Ability to notice and act on growing industry trends and adapt our social media strategy accordingly
  • Strong creative thinking and execution. Time management skills across a variety of tasks. Ability to adapt to change with plenty of enthusiasm
  • People skills and an eye for uncovering and nurturing opportunities in the DMs.
  • Sense of urgency and ownership of responsibilities. This is a very important and hands-on role that requires critical thinking and execution
  • At least 2 years of experience in a similar role and/or project

And Ideally:

  • Background in gaming or deep technology sectors
  • Knowledge of and passion for the gaming, web 3 and blockchain sectors
  • Experience working with social media publishing platforms such as HubSpot, Sprout Social and Typefully
  • Video editing skills
  • Paid social media experience and budget management

What We Offer

We believe that this is an exciting opportunity for the most exceptional candidates. We can offer you:

  • A rare opportunity to build a global market defining technology brand over the next 5 years
  • Market benchmark base salary compensation which will grow with the business and role
  • A meaningful annual bonus plan based on company financial and quality performance and personal performance
  • Attractive stock ownership plans which enable secondary liquidity after each annual vesting period
  • Future token allocations to all equity holders and key team contributors
  • Over time, market leading benefits packages will be added in due course
  • Hybrid and flexible working arrangements
  • The opportunity to help define and shape a high performance culture


We offer a flexible working model depending on your individual needs. We are headquartered in London, UK and have an office in Warsaw, Poland – where our development and product teams are based. You’ll be working as part of our marketing team, which is based remotely across Europe.

How to Apply

We receive a lot of applications for this type of role so we’re doing things a bit differently this time. To be considered for this role, please provide:

  • Your CV
  • Links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, TeleGram and Discord profiles (and others if relevent)
  • A video (approx 2 minutes) describing an idea of a social media campaign you think could help grow the MetaGravity brand on one of our social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Discord). Think about the audience you’re reaching, the content topic and the execution of your idea. We’re looking for authenticity and creativity here, so feel free to express yourself.

Please note that we will only consider applications that include all of the above so please be thorough with your application. We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!