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Site Reliability Engineering Manager

Title: Site Reliability Engineering Manager (Remote)

Location: United States

Who we are

Path is a healthtech company dedicated to making mental health care work for everyone. Path takes a patient-first approach, where treatment is more accessible, personalized, and effective. With Path, it’s easy to find a high-quality therapist or psychiatrist who accepts insurance and is actively accepting new patients.

What we’re solving

Over 65 million Americans have a treatable mental health issue that’s 1 in 5 people. Today it’s difficult to find a provider, and for those with complicated conditions, it’s nearly impossible to find coordinated care. We’re here to fix this.

Our Mission

Path’s mission is to make mental healthcare work for everyone.

About The Role

Path’s Engineering organization is growing and scaling as the company continues to succeed and grow at a rapid pace. We are looking for leaders who have experienced this before. Those who can help build the team, organize work, and ensure that the solutions are technically sound.

We are looking for engineering leaders who focus on two core values:

Rapidly solving business problems with technology

  • Understand business priorities – and help find the right technology solutions
  • Create processes and procedures that inspire confidence in engineering’s ability to execute and deliver, provide transparency, minimize overhead, and enable rapid progress.

Making this the best place for engineers to be

  • Understanding every engineer, learning their objectives and goals, and helping them to become their best
  • Build a culture of inclusion and diversity, where everyone knows they are welcome and heard
  • Think beyond work projects – help build a team that is cohesive and has fun together.

You Will

  • Build and Manage a team of talented Engineers that develop and scale our Platform to enable Application engineers to ship faster and safer – development and testing experience, CI/CD, Cloud infrastructure, and observability.
  • Coach, mentor, and guide growth conversations with engineering team members
  • Contribute to design discussions, and help to drive infrastructure strategy.
  • Define best practices for making our systems and services measurable and work with our various teams to apply those best practices.
  • Collaborate with our Application Engineering teams to ensure our applications emit the right metrics.
  • Collect, aggregate, and visualize the collected metrics to provide actionable insight.

You Are

As our ideal candidate you can demonstrate experience with the following:

  • 2+ years of experience managing high-velocity engineering teams.
  • You have experience and passion for recruiting, retaining, and motivating the best engineers.
  • You view your highest contribution as leading, inspiring, and motivating your team.
  • You have strong technical taste and value elegance in architecture and code.
  • You are excited by moving fast (while not breaking things) – and continually advancing the business forward.


Our Team

The people of Path are what truly define our mission and determine our impact on the world. We believe in building not only a team, but a diverse community that thrives by helping each other succeed and grow and inspiring each other by taking on big challenges.

For employees, Path is a 100% remote healthtech company and we’re HIRING! We’re excited to bring people onto the team who are committed to raising the bar on mental health care.

As Part Of Our Team, Full-Time Employees Receive

  • The ability to work from any location within the US
  • Competitive pay and benefits that do not change based on location
  • 2 company-wide shutdown weeks each year to focus on self-care
  • Paid parental leave to support you and your family
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance through our employer plan
  • Access to our 401K
  • Access to an Employer Assistance Plan (EAP) through our insurance plan
  • The equipment you need to ensure your home office sets you up for success