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Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative

What does a Sales Development Representative do?

Here’s the job in a nutshell:

We’ll give you training about our business, legal marketing, and your role.

We’ll give you a daily list of leads.

We’ll also give you a script that we know works (because we’ve tested it many times), as well as a checklist of criteria to make sure prospects qualify.

Your job is to call the people on this list, build rapport, work through the script, make sure they qualify, and then schedule them for a strategy session with our specialist.

You will NOT be required to close the deal for our marketing solution, and you will NOT have to ask for or collect money. Your job is to make sure the right prospects begin to think about why they would like to work with us and to get them an appointment with our specialist.

Payment and other terms

This position provides a 1099 income, meaning that you will be self-employed and not an employee. You will be paid a daily compensation of $100 ($500 per week).

You will receive a $100 bonus for every appointment set starting at 7 and above in a calendar week. Additionally, you will receive a bonus of $200 for every appointment that results in a sale made by our closers.

Payment is made weekly by direct deposit.


This role is perfect for someone who is interested in developing their career in sales, marketing, business, or entrepreneurship but who needs to get their foot in the door and prove themselves.

Here are the qualifications we’re looking for:

Good high-speed internet and quiet place to work as well as your own computer and headset are required you must have these.

Sales and/or collections experience preferred, but not required.

Training and support

We have a formal onboarding program, where you’ll receive call training, an introduction to legal marketing and our company, your scripts, procedures, checklists, everything else you need to get started. We’ll also listen to recordings of some of your calls and provide ongoing coaching in the form of weekly team meetings and continual one-on-one training to help you improve your performance.