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QA Test Analyst

Title: QA Test Analyst (contract-to-hire) (Remote)

Location: US

Category: Software Development

Job Description:

About Nooks

Imagine the future of work:

  • You can work from anywhere in the world, but still work with your team like you’re sitting side-by-side. A virtual office
  • Your office is smart. It learns how your team works, identifies “winning” behaviors, then replicates them across the team. An AI co-pilot

Recent advances in large language models and the pandemic-induced shift to remote/distributed work suggest this future is not-so-distant. With all your work happening online instead of in-person, it’s now possible to systematically turn this vast quantity of unstructured data into actionable strategies and feedback loops. We’re making this a reality, starting with sales teams.

Nooks is a smart virtual salesfloor that multiplies reps productivity by bringing realtime collaboration and AI tooling to the team’s sales calls.

The problem

A sales team with a dozen reps does hundreds of customer-facing calls every day. They’re all selling the same product, with the same pitch, to the same personas, answering the same questions – and they learn something new from each conversation. If this information stays siloed, reps will improve slowly. But if learnings are shared across the team, improvements compound. The best reps actually have 3x higher conversion rates on sales conversations compared to their teammates! So tight feedback loops can make a sales team significantly more effective. But today, most sales reps are siloed working at home and the main opportunities they have for feedback are weekly 1:1’s and team training sessions. These methods are old-school, infrequent, and ineffective – feedback loops are effectively nonexistent today.

Our solution

Teams use Nooks to work together throughout the day – our smart dialer automates the manual process of calling and our salesfloor facilitates realtime collaboration on calls. Nooks analyzes the team’s conversations to understand the winning playbooks, then helps replicate these across the team.

  • Reps 3x their sales conversations using the Nooks dialer. It uses AI to accelerate the manual process of calling. Nooks automatically detects answering machines, leaves voicemails, and filters out bad numbers to save reps hours of repetitive tasks
  • Reps work together in Nooks throughout the day (avg ~3hrs/day)! They can listen to each others’ calls, give live advice, and strategize after calls. This dramatically reduces ramp times and improves feedback loops
  • Nooks operationalizes and standardizes winning playbooks across the team. AI insights help managers identify strategies to improve their playbooks. Going forward, Nooks automatically tracks how well the team is following these strategies

Teams that use Nooks often see a 2-3x increase in reps’ productivity within weeks!

Job description

Our software helps businesses of all sizes to automate their workflows and improve their productivity and our QA Test Analystwill play a crucial role in ensuring high quality and reliability of the platform.Success in this rolewill have a significant impact oncompanies all over the country (and eventually the world) as we’ll be helpingbusinesses of all sizes to grow.

This is a contract-to-hirerole. Our ideal candidate will have prior experience doing QA workin either anenterprise SaaS environment with large surface area,ata reputable tech company or ata fast-growing tech startup.


As ourQA Test Analyst, your responsibilities will include:

  • Manually testing our software for defects and ensuring that it meets the quality standards of our customers.
  • Creating and executing test plans for new software releases,creating lots of test scenarios quickly and documenting your findings.
  • Working closely with our development team to identify, reproduce, report onand fix sizable bugs in our codebase.
  • Preventing unnecessary regressions andcontributing to the overall improvement of our product quality


Our ideal candidate:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or a related field (or equivalent experience).
  • Strong technical background with knowledge of software testing methodologies, tools, and frameworks.
  • You’repassionate about delivering excellent customer service.
  • You possess a strong technical background, and have a keen eye for detail.
  • You are well rounded with a special blend oftechnical expertise, problem-solving, and communication skills.
  • You like to stay up-to-date on industry trends/best practices andemerging technologiesrelated to QA.

The company

We’re growing super quickly (doubling revenue every quarter, currently ~$1.5MM ARR) and we have 50-100 customers who rely on Nooks for their daily workflow/collaboration. We can attribute a lot of this success to the fact that our product can demonstrate a TON of value within a short amount of time. Within a 2-week trial period, we often 2-3x reps’ productivity (measured by the amount of new sales pipeline reps can generate). This led to a 50% trial conversion rate to paid customers last quarter!

We’re a lean team ~18 people with most in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the rest spread across the world in places like New York, Seattle, Spain, Estonia, Costa Rica. We’ve raised $5M from top-tier angel investors and VC’s, and who’ve built/invested in world-class companies like Twitch, Twitter, Lyft, Scale AI, and Outreach. We’re all super passionate about building the future of work, and we’d love for you to join our journey

We offer competitive compensation because we want to hire the best people and reward them for their contributions to our mission. We pay all employees competitively relative to market. In compliance with pay transparency laws and in pursuit of pay equity and fairness, we publish salary ranges for our open roles. The rate for this role is $20 – $40 p/hr. On top of base salary, we also offer equity, generous perks and comprehensive benefits.