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Performance Marketing Specialist

Performance Marketing Specialist

at Xapo Bank

Remote – Anywhere

Work from anywhere, impact everywhere

Diversity is at the heart of who we are at Xapo Bank. We’re a fully distributed team of over 200 talented people that work remotely from 50+ countries around the world.

We work hard, think globally, and inspire each other to learn and grow. We are committed to changing the way things are done.

To achieve that, we search the world for the best people for the job. This is how we are transforming the world of digital banking.

Our team is worldwide, our capacity for innovation, limitless.

Join our remote team of dreamers and doers as we take Xapo Bank to the next level

Although we are headquartered in Gibraltar, this is a full time, 100% remote position.

Work from anywhere!

Position overview

About us, Xapo Bank is the first product of its kind: a platform that bridges the gap between crypto and traditional banking services. Headquartered in Gibraltar, we are regulated and authorised as a credit institution to provide fiat related services and in addition, Xapo VASP is regulated and authorised as a Distributed Ledger Technology Provider to provide crypto services. We offer secure, seamless access to US Dollar and Bitcoin, all accessible from our mobile based Xapo Banking App. Xapo holds one of the largest Bitcoin reserves in the world and liquid assets, all of which provide an additional layer of protection to our members. Keeping the Xapo Bank engine performing, we work as a fully remote workforce with 200+ Xapiens based in over 50 countries around the world.

We are on a journey of expansion into the emerging markets, led by our Strategy team which encompasses Growth and Marketing. We are building our Growth and Marketing capabilities internally, and searching the world for seasoned talent in these domains. The Growth and Marketing team will work as the driving force behind our overall growth strategy as well as membership acquisition initiatives.

To aid us in our strategy and initiatives, the Performance Marketing Specialist will be responsible for the management of digital activities across social, search and display platforms. The incumbent will plan and execute the paid digital media campaigns as well as manage the optimization and reporting. In collaboration with cross-functional teams, our specialist will be essential to ensuring that integrated digital strategies are aligned with the business’ objectives.

The VP of Growth shares a quote on the Xapo Bank expansion plan into emerging markets and all the exciting initiatives within the team: Were on the rocket ship, and we need to have some great astronauts onboard with us as the journey will be exciting and we’re aiming to grow, grow & grow more.


  • Support the VP of Growth in executing the performance marketing strategy at a global level aligned to the vision of the Growth Marketing and Strategy team.
  • Strategize, execute, monitor and manage campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Oversee growth in performance to meet Xapo Bank’s business goals and strategies.
  • Manage the platform’s daily budgets, billing reconciliation and spend pacing in adherence to allocations and desired return.
  • Map ad formats to advertising objectives.
  • Manage a test and learn strategy across traffic to drive insight into brand traffic behaviour.
  • Plan and Optimise landing page testing.
  • Report on key performance indicators and lead generation initiatives.
  • Create eye-catching and informative pay-per-click text ads as well as continuously implement text ads A/B testing.
  • Collaborate with data science and marketing teams to discover, test data-driven ways to optimise performance.
  • Build Budget Recommendations & Pitch Decks.
  • Document campaign evolution to monitor overall performance and identify best practices.
  • Present account reviews internally as well as to clients.
  • Explore new opportunities to grow campaigns more efficiently and effectively.
  • Test new channels and trends to build credibility, remain competitive and possess an added value.
  • Ensure a data led approach to all activity, creating a clear test & learn strategy.

Skills needed

  • Relevant qualification in Marketing or any related field
  • Proficient in deriving insights from data
  • Demonstrated performance marketing experience
  • Experience working across global markets, emerging markets experience is an advantage
  • Knowledge and experience in retargeting/remarketing
  • Industry experience in Crypto domain is a must

Other requirements

  • A dedicated workspace.
  • A reliable internet connection with the fastest speed possible in your area.
  • Devices and other essential equipment that meet minimal technical specifications.
  • Alignment with Our Values and the Xapo Values-Driven Leadership principles.

Why work for Xapo?


  • Shape the Future: Improve lives through cutting-edge technology, work 100% remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Great work-life balance: Build amazing things with a balance of autonomy and collaborative teamwork. Set your own work schedule and make use of a flexible PTO plan when you need to recharge.
  • Expect Excellence: Collaborate, learn, and grow with a high-performance team. Learn how you learn best – from books to conferences, you’ll get a yearly budget for your individual learning and development goals.