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Pay-Per-Click Manager

Pay-Per-Click Manager


Full Time

Senior Manager/Supervisor


Ahoy there and thank you for considering our PPC Manager opening for your next career move. We’re excited to share details of the role and a bit about Upgrow.

Many job descriptions are quick and generic, leaving you with lots of questions. This is meant to be a comprehensive look at the role, who it’s a good fit for, and how we operate as a company. With that disclaimer, you officially can’t get mad that it’s long! Here we go…

About Upgrow

  • Company Overview, Upgrow is a performance-driven digital marketing agency primarily working with B2B tech, finance, and healthcare brands. More on us further down.
    • We work with fast-growing, world-class companies like Orca Security, QuantumScape, Leesa, TalkDesk, SingleStore, (and more) to scale lead and sales generation.
    • Tech-empowered (eg, using tools and processes to automate boring tasks)
    • A small but mighty team of ~28
    • See more at: www.Upgrow.io or watch our 90-second explainer video here.

How is Upgrow different than other agencies?

  • Focused on scaling our success
    • We don’t want to get comfortable, it sounds way too boring. That’s why we’re always adding new software, developing better processes, hiring for new disciplines, and seeking efficiency and automation wherever we can.
  • High-touch, long-term client work
    • Our clients are primarily funded startups and established companies. Mostly B2B tech, finance, and healthcare. We don’t plan to have 100’s of clients but instead 10’s of clients that we deliver comprehensive, highly engaged consultation and implementation for.
  • Full-Stack performance marketing
    • Upgrow offers PPC, SEO, design, content writing, web analytics, and conversion rate optimization services so if any point in the sales funnel isn’t working… we can fix it.