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Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Location: Worldwide – Remote

Job Description:

Who are we? Invisible has experienced exponential growth, quadrupling in size year over year for the past three years. Operating as a profitable business, we maintain a near complete ownership stake, with a firm foundation built on robust financial management. As part of our commitment to our team, we are excited to offer substantial equity compensation, presenting a life changing equity opportunities for our Partners.

Invisible Technologies stands at the forefront of operations innovation. We remove strategic roadblocks for clients, providing solutions to the world’s most complex business problems.A technology-led managed execution service, our success is driven by our powerful process orchestration platform, which blends the perfect mix of artificial and human intelligence with automation to create extraordinary growth and scale opportunities for clients

Your Mission

As an operational innovation company, operations are the heart of the value that we deliver to our clients. We are seeking a dynamic and results-driven Operations Manager to accelerate our AI training and application efforts.

The Operations Manager will be responsible for managing complex processes, clients, and a large-scale workforce.  As a member of our AI training and application team, you will have the opportunity to deeply partner with the world’s leading companies in generative AI and LLM development. You will scope and refine expert training processes for these models with a team of advanced human trainers, as well deploy cutting-edge operations and best practices across enterprise companies.

A successful candidate will be a fast, adaptable learner to keep pace within this high-velocity space. They will also deliver excellent service and strategic, thought-partnership to clients through managing teams and our tech-enabled process automation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage Strategic Clients Relationships: Oversee operational delivery to a book of clients to ensure that their evolving needs are met, requiring strong communication and presentation skills, clear expectations management and service-level agreements, and timely troubleshooting. Ensure pricing and billing are accurate.
  • Manage Complex Projects: Partner with clients to align on expected work volume, use forecasts to develop a project plan and ensure sufficient capacity. Serve as a bridge between the client and automations teams to develop and refine processes.
  • Innovate & Iterate on Process Design: Build and design frameworks and guidelines to drive best practices in AI training and, ultimately, improvements to AI models. Iterate through collaboration with team members, peers, and clients.
  • Manage Large-Scale Teams: Oversee hiring, staffing, and development of sizable project teams. Act as the vital link between our clients and teams throughout Invisible, requiring a strong synthesis of client needs and an eye towards productive collaboration. Onboard new joiners.
  • Inspire Creativity: Identify areas for process improvement and efficiency gains, and scope new processes when needed. Be relentlessly curious, creative and proactive in implementing solutions to critical issues. Seek cross-cutting improvements to systems to improve the team.
  • Own Your Business: Maintain client health in both service and unit economics and provide guidance and leadership to the team of operators that are in charge of producing the outputs of the client/process. Own the financial cycles for the book of clients, including payroll reconciliation and approval, and end-of-month closure of the financials. Collaborate with the Director/s to develop and implement strategies that drive growth and profitability.

Skills and Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of experience in operations management, preferably in a client-facing role
  • Proven track record of managing client relationships and delivering exceptional service
  • Ideal candidates will have familiarity within or exposure to AI concepts, though curiosity and fast learning are more important
  • Intermediate understanding of how to build financial models, especially cost-driven analysis; comfortable with data analysis in spreadsheets, managing complex formulas and building processes
  • Strong management and leadership skills and ability to provide guidance and support to a team
  • Experience in capacity planning and project management
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to work remotely and manage teams without in-person interaction
  • Ability to think strategically in complex and difficult situations
  • Strong sense of urgency and ability to prioritize tasks; be open and flexible on schedules

Company Culture

We believe that our success is directly linked to the success of our clients, and we are committed to delivering exceptional service and results. We encourage our team members to take ownership of their work, communicate openly and honestly, and continuously improve themselves and their work. We value transparency in all aspects of our work, and we believe that a merit-based culture is key to our success.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Working Times: US (EST or PST) Hours

2024:  $100,000 Base+ $20,000 Bonus.

$120,000 in Total Compensation with an Equity Packag

  • Additional opportunities to earn more equity and increase your ownership percentage of the company, through promotions and through re-distribution of re-acquired shares via buybacks.
  • Healthcare Benefits (or Stipend Option)
  • Flexible Work Schedule / Unlimited Vacation Days