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Online SAT/ACT Tutor

Online SAT/ACT Tutor (Remote)

  • New York, NY – Remote OK
  • Part-Time
  • Instruction
  • $35.00 / hr

The test-taking process is often stressful, for both students and their parents. ArborBridge tutors are an elite class of educators who bring a combination of expertise, enthusiasm, and organization to their work, breaking down complex ideas and ensuring that students (and their families) are well supported in the standardized testing process, from beginning to end.

We are lucky to work with a dynamic team of tutors who excel at building genuine relationships with families and confidently guiding students toward their academic and test-taking goals. We are looking for tutors who want to join our tight-knit team and contribute to the success of students around the world.

About you:

To thrive in ArborBridge’s Online SAT & ACT Tutor position, it’s helpful if you are

An SAT & ACT Expert.

You have experience tutoring all sections of both the SAT (Reading & Writing and Math) and ACT (English, Math, Reading, and Science). You know both tests inside and out and can confidently answer any student or parent question. You have a proven track record of helping students achieve outstanding score improvements, and families who work with you sing your praises. You are truly on the forefront of test preparation and enjoy keeping yourself up to date on changes to the exams and the test-taking process.

An Engaging and Effective Educator.

Education is your passion, and private, one-on-one online tutoring is your ideal method for providing a top-notch experience for your students and their families. You’re not interested in on-demand homework help. Instead, you like to look at the big picture: You map out personalized lesson plans, solidify practice test timelines, identify the right amount of homework, and propose the ideal meeting schedule to help your students reach their goals. You understand that building relationships with your students and their families is a key part of the process, and you can adapt to various needs with ease.

A Quick and Thorough Communicator.

You also understand that part of building relationships is being a reliable and clear communicator. You make it a priority to respond to phone calls and emails from parents, students, and colleagues in a quick and thorough manner. You know that excellent communication = excellent customer service, and you strive to provide the very best.

An Organized and Proactive Problem-Solver.

You remember well how stressful the test-taking process can be, and you are always thinking of ways you can ease the burden for your clients. You’re adept at spotting potential problems in a program from a mile away and proactive about addressing them as soon as possible. If you get a message from a concerned parent or a colleague who needs your input on a program, you are quick to respond and prepared to offer multiple solutions.

How your skills and passion come to life at ArborBridge:

  • Privately tutoring students around the world via Zoom, an online video conferencing platform
  • Creating personalized test prep plans for each student, using ArborBridge’s proprietary digital curriculum
  • Setting consistent instructional and practice exam schedules for each student, with the goal of making steady progress leading up to a specific test date
  • Writing lesson notes after each meeting with a student, updating parents on the student’s progress
  • Assigning appropriate amounts of homework between lessons
  • Establishing genuine relationships with your students, their families, and ArborBridge employees
  • Communicating regularly with client services directors, instruction managers, operational staff, and other colleagues at ArborBridge to ensure that students receive maximum support and each program runs smoothly

What you’ve accomplished:

  • At least 6 months of formal SAT and ACT tutoring experience (1 year or more is preferred)
  • Deep knowledge of all SAT/ACT content (Note: We do not hire SAT/ACT subject specialists; our SAT/ACT tutors teach all sections of both exams)
  • Ability to score in the 99th percentile on a full-length SAT or ACT exam
  • Proven track record of significant score improvements for SAT and ACT students
  • Ability to deliver world-class customer service to affluent domestic and international families with high expectations
  • Familiarity with online teaching tools
  • Bachelor’s degree from a top university

Compensation and benefits:

  • $35 per hour for instructional time, with opportunities for annual performance-based raises
  • $11 per hour or your local minimum wage, if higher, for administrative time (automatically added to paycheck at a rate of 20 minutes per instructional hour)
  • No noncompete clauseyou can work for other tutoring companies when you work for ArborBridge
  • Work from home
  • Flexible hours
  • Professional development
  • Opportunities for growth

This position requires approximately 18 hours of self-directed and manager-led training time, which is paid at our training rate of $15/hour.

About ArborBridge:

ArborBridge is a premier test preparation company and tutoring firm, delivering one-on-one tutoring to students in more than 50 countries around the world. We specialize in SAT and ACT preparation and offer extensive tutoring for AP exams, ISEE and SSAT, graduate exams, and academic subjects. With the most sophisticated diagnostic algorithm in the industry and more individual lesson plans than any other company, ArborBridge is the most highly customized and efficient platform on the market. Our elite tutors meet with students online and in-person and build programs around individual needs, making the most of time and maximizing learning.