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Nurse Advocate

Nurse Advocate





What is Trusted Health?

Trusted, Inc. is the leading digital labor marketplace and workforce management solution for the healthcare industry. We are headquartered in San Francisco but we’ve taken a digital-first approach to building our workforce and the majority of our team resides across the US and abroad.

Trusted was founded in 2017 with a focus on the largest profession in healthcare: nursing. Since then, we’ve taken a process dominated by recruiters and phone calls and converted it to a fully digital experience, connecting nurses directly to job opportunities and handling benefits, payroll, onboarding, and compliance. Our platform provides full employer of record services for employers in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

In 2020, we launched our proprietary staffing platform, Works. Works helps hospitals solve one of their biggest challenges: filling every shift in an environment where demand for healthcare services and labor costs are increasing exponentially. With Works, facilities can create their own on-demand nursing workforce and manage all the details from a single system. Using predictive insights and recommendations, Works helps hospitals react to fluctuations in demand, while its staffing marketplace creates competition to fill open job requisitions with high-quality, active talent.

Trusted has support from top institutional investors such as Craft Ventures, Felicis Ventures, StepStone Group, and Founder Collective, as well as healthcare innovators like Texas Medical Center, Mercy Health, Intermountain Ventures, Town Hall Ventures, and Healthbox. Most recently we closed a $149 million Series C round to fund our next stage of growth.

What we’re looking for:

We’re seeking a nurse who is not only passionate about embarking on a unique transition to Trusted, but also possesses a strategic approach to work that is focused on customer service, sales and negotiation skills. You are self-motivated, learn quickly, and take initiative, routinely demonstrating a positive attitude and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. You adapt easily when faced with adversity, seizing at any opportunity to take on a challenge or problem to solve. Your curiosity, innovative mindset, and drive to push yourself and others’ to show up as the best version of yourselves each day makes you a natural leader and contributor to the greater good of the team.

You have a natural enthusiasm and ability to connect with clinicians to get them excited about working with Trusted. Your unique relatability to the clinicians on our platform will foster relationships that build trust, ensure our clinicians feel informed as to why Trusted is different, and consistently leave them feeling excited, energized, and inspired to work with us many times during their career journey in healthcare.

You will be adaptable to frequent changes in our processes and have an innovative mindset that contributes valued feedback to optimize our workflows. Your willingness to lean into challenges while preserving an optimistic perspective is an empowering and uplifting contribution to the team culture. Your clinical insight, communication expertise, and clinician-first outlook will supplement our technology to provide the best experience possible for clinicians as you help them navigate their job search, landing them their dream job with Trusted time and time again.

Your responsibilities

    • Quickly connect and foster strong relationships with clinicians while ensuring they feel excited and understand how Trusted works and what to expect throughout their journey
    • Placing candidates in jobs: Job Search Win Rate + Rebooking Rate + Conversions utilizing outreach points
    • Utilize clinical insight and expertise to supplement the Trusted matching and qualification process to recognize opportunities for advocacy and ensure clinicians are qualified and competent for their desired roles, being tactical as they move through our job funnel
    • Effectively educate clinicians on the unique aspects of the Trusted process and autonomy in navigating their career in order to foster a collaborative and successful partnership throughout the job search process
    • Consistently engage with clinicians throughout their job search, understanding their intent so you can strategically advocate for an outcome that aligns with their desires. Continue engagement throughout their working staff period, to keep them working with us through extension or through a new placement
    • Strategically coordinate with teammates to help clinicians move quickly through the job search funnel to placement
    • Contribute to the team culture in a positive way and regularly surface feedback in a productive manner that has an impact on the growth and success of the organization
    • Ability to cover the Emergency phone line (after hours) about 4 days per quarter

Who you are

    • Communicator. You have a natural passion and way of connecting with others. Your tone is genuine and friendly, encompassing empathy while exuding confidence and clarity. You are engaging, ensuring you gauge others’ intent and understanding by asking open-ended questions. When faced with difficult conversations, you remain poised, respectful, and provide clear direction or next steps – always leaving the listener feeling supported and cared for. You are able to teach, tailor, and take control in conversations with clinicians, and use your experience in negotiation and sales to advocate for the right job for the clinician.
    • Contributor. You’re genuinely a team player, striving to help and support your fellow teammates in their work to contribute to overall team success. You identify and push for solutions, habitually keep others’ informed, sharing your own knowledge and expertise to drive the team forward through continuous improvement. You go above and beyond what’s expected of you without being asked, seek out ways to take on additional responsibilities and exude a sincere positive attitude towards getting things done.
    • Resilient. Like other early-stage startup companies, Trusted moves at a very fast pace encountering a wide variety of both challenging and rewarding situations each day. It’s very important that you are able to separate the emotions that derive from the stresses of the job versus what needs to be done each day to drive successful outcomes necessary for your job. As every day is an opportunity for growth, you search for and handle feedback productively and immediately are able to put it into action. You are self aware and are able to regulate your own thoughts, actions and emotions, coping especially well in times of high stress. Your mental agility and aptness to maintain an optimistic perspective, enable you to bounce back quickly from a failure or challenge. You demonstrate a constructive approach to conflict, engaging in a calm, forthright and direct way.
    • Self-motivated. You act with speed and accuracy. Working for an early-stage startup is exciting to you and you thrive when there is a little bit of ambiguity in the air. You’re excited about picking up new things and you think learning curves are more like runways. You understand that getting started is always the first step in and don’t hesitate to do so. You thrive in fast-paced environments, feed off growth, and are motivated by the energy of others. You don’t wait for direction, you seize the opportunity and want to be on a team that thinks the same way.

You have

    • 3+ years of experience in a clinical setting; charge and/or preceptor experience are a plus and an active nursing license; travel experience is a plus
    • Experience in sales or recruitment preferred
    • Experience in tech and/or high-growth customer focused start up highly preferred
    • Highly organized and able to manage many relationships, issues, and projects simultaneously
    • Customer / patient service and relations, including conflict management, resolution and de-escalation
    • Knowledge of clinical practice across various specialties and care settings to ensure Candidates’ success on-assignment and promote retention
    • A high level of comfort and ease learning and managing different technology systems
    • Extensive practice with time management, critical thinking, and decision making in a fast-paced and dynamic setting

We offer

    • Paid vacation & sick time, paid family leave, and flexible work hours
    • Employer-paid health insurance, vision, and dental
    • Employer-paid life insurance
    • Mindfulness and fitness reimbursement
    • Monthly cell phone reimbursement
    • Employer-sponsored 401k

$65,000 – $72,000 a year

Trusted reasonably anticipates the salary range for this role to be $65,000-$72,000 annually, plus bonus and equity. The final compensation for this position will vary based on geographic location and candidate experience relative to what Trusted reasonably anticipates for this position. We are committed to transparency, and any compensation questions will be addressed early in our recruitment process.

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