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Mental Health Writer

Title: Mental Health Writer

Location: US National

  • Contract
  • Remote

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About this role

Omniscient Digital is growing quickly, and we deeply believe in our commitment never to compromise content quality. It’s what differentiates us from other agencies. Writing great content requires great writers.

We’re seeking a stellar writer with expertise in mental health writing to create exceptional content for our clients. Ideally, you’re an expert in mental health fields and someone who can share their insights to inform content. You feel confident in your ability to write to audiences with PhD-level industry knowledge.

*Please note that we don’t work with writers who subcontract their work.


  • Create expert-level and authoritative content that covers topics in the mental health and professional coaching space
  • Ensure assigned projects are completed on time and meet our quality standards
  • Maintain clear and consistent communication with our editors throughout the content production process
  • Manage complex information and multiple projects within content specifications and budget restrictions
  • Ensure all content pieces are scientifically accurate
  • Effectively use our client’s brand voice and messaging in each piece of content
  • Self-edit and fact-check content for errors and accuracy
  • Ability to digest and implement feedback from editors and subject-matter experts
  • Offer suggestions for best practices and optimizations throughout the content production process

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor‘s degree in psychology or a related field, and 2+ years of experience in mental health writing. You can use your expert-level knowledge about the mental health industry to inform your writing, supplemented by thorough research that aligns with our client’s expectations and speaks to their audience. You stay updated on industry trends and feel confident in your ability to write for audiences with a PhD-level industry knowledge.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and healthy analytical and critical thinking skills. You turn complex mental health concepts into compelling narratives. You’re skilled at finding the story within complicated topics and can capture our client’s brand voice in every piece of writing.
  • SEO experience or willingness to learn tools to search-optimize. You know how to search-optimize your content without sacrificing quality, and can balance the needs of both your client and reader within your content.
  • Experience interviewing subject matter experts. You’re comfortable independently conducting SME interviews to add industry opinion and narrative to your content. You know how to draft questions to get the information you need and how to structure stories around the answers.
  • Time management and organizational skills. You always meet your deadlinesor communicate in advance when you may need a deadline pushed back.
  • Positive attitude. You’re kind, passionate, curious, and friendly! You’re open to exploring new ideas, keep updated on trending topics in the mental health industry, and feel passionately about crafting excellent content. You welcome feedback and love learning how to improve your craft.

The application password is open minded

Other Preferred Qualifications:

  • Some B2B, SaaS, and marketing experience. We primarily work with clients in these fields. Writing and/or first-hand experience in one or more of these areas will help you acclimate to our working environment and excel in your craft. For this role, we prioritize writers who have experience working in mental health and/or mental health tech.


A recent portfolio with mental health writing experience is a must; please submit 3-5 sample articles that have been published within the past three years for consideration. We’re looking for samples that showcase your ability to write for a highly-knowledgeable audience. Older samples will be accepted only if accompanied by newer works.