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Medical Coding Specialist

(Contract) Medical Coding Specialist





We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards in order to provide unparalleled service to healthcare professionals, their staff and patients. We strive to end each workday knowing that we’ve made someone’s life better.

Our team is comprised of courageous and caring healthcare warriors. We’re here to solve the impossible problems, such as reducing medical errors, saving patient lives, and empowering physicians to stay financially independent. We care deeply about making a big impact and we are relentless.

Inspired to grow the company and our careers, we remain committed to daily discipline, self improvement, and a ceaseless search for solutions.

We equally value our work and our life apart from work. We’re compelled to work with urgency, decisiveness, and efficiency in everything we do. This affords us freedom and time for things that matter most.

Leaders at pMD are developed through our mentorship program. Investing in the success of each individual strengthens our team and builds loyalty. We believe in leading by example. Everything one does ripples outward. Therefore, we need each individual at pMD to embody our leadership principles to thrive as an enduring great company.

(Contract) Medical Coding Specialist

(Contract) The Medical Coder role at pMD helps our team and our customers reach our business goals through thoroughly scrubbing claims for coding and billing accuracy. This is an important role that focuses on the front-end revenue cycle. This includes identifying and preventing claim errors that would result in a denial to support timely payment and exceed industry standard benchmarks.

Responsibilities include:

  • perform claim scrubbing review to support coding and billing accuracy and clean claim submission
  • apply accurate modifiers and ensure that the correct provider, place of service, insurance, filing type, and referrals/auths are included
  • verify claims against NCCI edits to facilitate compliance and prevent coding denials
  • review National Coverage Determinations (if necessary) when scrubbing the charge to adhere to payer policies
  • maintain confidentiality of all patient records

Requirements include:

  • Post-Secondary Certificate in Medical Billing and Coding
  • must be proficient with CPT/ICD-10, NCCI edits, and abreast of the latest coding guidelines issued by the AMA and CMS
  • must be able to work independently in a fast-paced environment
  • exceptional attention to detail
  • must be willing to comply with independent contractor guidelines
  • reside in the U.S.

We are only accepting applications through our online job portal, Lever. We aren’t able to consider and respond to other types of applications, including those sent via email to pMD support, at this time. Please direct application status questions to