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This job was posted 2 months ago and may be expired now. If that's the case, you can browse similar jobs here. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Loan Processor Assistant

Location:  Anywhere outside the US; 100% Remote

We are looking for a Loan Processor for LBC Mortgage to assist our Senior Loan Processors team. We provide full training and growth opportunities to succeed in this field!

  • Full-time remote work 
  • Time Zone: Los Angeles (Pacific Daylight Time GMT-7)
  • Base salary $800 – 1000 per month

Requirements and skills: 

  1. Solid verbal and written communication skills;
  2. Proficient in  Microsoft (Excel, MS Word, Outlook);
  3. Experience with working remotely;
  4. Advanced English level;
  5. Banking/Loan processing experience is preferred;
  6. Accounting or banking background is a plus;


  1. Assist Loan Processors with the processing of mortgage loans from beginning to funding;
  2. Effectively communicate with borrowers on requested outstanding documents.
  3. Providing loan paperwork preparation, review of files;
  4. Follow up on necessary outstanding documents prior to funding;
  5. Review credit reports, income, and asset documents to ensure all initial calculations are correct;
  6. Effectively and accurately assist with processing of loan files.
  7. Perform all other duties as requested or assigned.

About us:

LBC Mortgage, the USA company, located in Los Angeles, we are a direct mortgage lender and wholesale broker that offer access to most mortgage programs currently available. We have been helping clients with the best mortgage programs for the past 15 years.

To Apply fill out the form. If you wish to contact our Recruiter as fast as possible, you can contact directly: vlada@lbcmortgage.com