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Human Resources Generalist

Human Resources Generalist





Benefits administration your jam? Get energy from supporting new hires? Keep reading for a great long-term (through the end of 2023, at least) temp or long-term contracting opportunity. The Management Center (TMC) is seeking a Human Resources (HR) Generalist to contract with us for the next 9 – 12 months. We are looking for candidates who have experience in onboarding new hires, benefits administration, and general human resources day-to-day responsibilities.

Please note the application is due April 10th at 5:00PM EST. We will not actively screen those who apply after the deadline. However, if you apply after the deadline and the position is not filled, we will review your application.

Who We Are

Our mission is to help leaders working for social change build and run more equitable, sustainable, and results-driven organizations. Founded in 2006, we’re now a 50+ person, $13 million, remote organization. We’ve helped shape the practices of hundreds of influential organizations and thousands of individual managers and staff, with a particular focus on social justice and educational equity organizations. Our clients work on critical issues, like advocating for educational equity; promoting immigration reform; fighting for racial, economic, and gender justice; and protecting voting rights. We aim to help them make their organizations as effective as possible by providing coaching, training, and resources for the broader field.

What We Do

We work with organizations to advance justice and equity in the United States. Achieving our mission will take well-crafted strategies, winning hearts and minds, building power, and transforming systems and structures that were never meant to value or serve our communities or our planet. Our communities and schools need strong, well-resourced leaders, organizations, and movements that can resist harmful systems, root in their vision in transformative practices, build new structures and win key battles that advance our collective interest. Effective management is one crucial way to help build the strong, well-resourced organizations, leaders, and movements we need.

What You’ll Do

Managed by the Partner, Human Resources & Staff Experience (Deb Sherman), the HR Generalist contractor will engage in day-to-day functions of human resources management in a way that aligns with TMC’s core values, provides an equitable and people-centered approach, supports organizational compliance, and ensures accuracy and timelines.

This person will generally engage in the following (exact duties and projects may be adjusted dependent on experience), and the percentage of time spent on these areas week-to-week will ebb and flow depending on the priorities for that time of year:

1. Benefits Administration — approximately 40% of your overall time

  • Process qualifying life event changes to employees’ benefits
  • Manage TMC’s open enrollment process in the Fall for health, dental, and vision insurance, and flexible spending accounts
  • Communicate all-staff benefits changes to the organization, as needed
  • Communicate benefits-related payroll deductions changes to TMC finance team; review and approve payroll (semi-monthly) to ensure changes have been made

2. Employee Onboarding — approximately 20% of your overall time

  • Provide a welcoming experience for new employees so they feel valued, cared for, and a burgeoning sense of belonging during their onboarding (and beyond)
  • Ensure new hires receive and complete necessary documentation and steps at the start of employment (e.g. benefits enrollment, tax paperwork, etc.)
  • Conduct portions of new hire onboarding
  • Liaise between TMC’s brokers and new hires to support new hires in getting their questions answered and signing up for benefits in a timely fashion
  • Enroll new hires in dental, vision, and FSA benefits

3. Ongoing HR Management — approximately 40% of your overall time

  • Track, manage, and delegate processes for general employment changes (e.g. promotion, management change) and personal changes (e.g. name change)
  • File monthly People Operations / benefits bills so Finance Team can close the books in a timely manner
  • Work with team heads to refine details and generate/renew contracts for contractors / consultants
  • Create, send, and file wage notices in required states for all new hires and any existing staff who have changes to their compensation, position, or both
  • Support HR-related special projects

Who You Are

To be successful in this role, you will be someone who will positively contribute to how we think about our culture: excellence with heart. More specifically, you will exhibit most of the following:

  • Nonprofit human resources experience: You have managed a nonprofit’s employee benefits, new hire onboarding, and/or general human resources responsibilities. You understand that at the other end of your HR processes and practices are unique humans with individual needs and complexities, which is why you exhibit excellence with heart in your work. You effectively balance employee needs with organizational compliance.
  • Demonstrated commitment to racial and gender identity equity: You have demonstrated success in ensuring more equitable and inclusive outcomes for those impacted by your work. You understand the impact of systemic and implicit biases related to race and gender identity that can play out in the workplace. You can proactively spot issues of equity and inclusion in human resource management and can bring practical solutions.
  • Strong problem solving and solutions-orientation: You anticipate challenges and can devise creative, pragmatic solutions to help us move forward on difficult challenges by seeing and working on underlying issues. You are solutions-oriented and flexible in your approach.
  • Organized and detailed project management: You keep the big picture in mind while managing the details. You bring a passion for making things work well and an ability to handle a large volume of work impeccably in a high performing environment, including strategically prioritizing the most important and impactful tasks and projects while keeping the others moving or explicitly placing them on the backburner. You’ve got your system for getting things done, and it gets-things-done! You are able to track multiple work streams at once, know where you are with any given project, and you hold a high bar for the accuracy and timeliness of your work, including follow-up and follow-through. You exhibit these qualities without succumbing to perfectionism or false urgency, and you don’t expect that of your colleagues, either!
  • Interpersonal and relational skills: You are an active listener who exhibits empathy, resilience, and good judgment. Employees and external contractors are people, meaning you understand when to be flexible as opposed to rigid. You provide helpful and informative communication when something is missing or needs fixing. You are able to quickly build a connection with colleagues across the organization as well as external vendors. This rapport helps you work together to find the right support/suggestions, and has them leave each interaction feeling as though their questions/concerns were well addressed. You are known for being highly responsive.


  • ASAP – until (at least) December 31, 2023

Estimated Hours

  • typically 10 – 20 hours per week


We are open to contracting with an individual or bringing someone temporarily on staff as a long-term temp employee.

  • For a contractor, our budget is $45/hour. This is higher than our temp employee rate because we’re accounting for you being able to take time off if you need it and paying your own payroll taxes.
  • For a long-term temp employee, hourly rate is $35/hour and includes benefits available to employees working less than 60% time (below.)

We aim to offer competitive rates and benefits and are committed to equity, trust, and transparency in compensation. Basing compensation on someone’s willingness and ability to negotiate or on their prior salary leads to wide inequities and bias in how people are paid, particularly for groups experiencing historical oppression. Therefore, we do not ask for prior pay history from our candidates and our offer-making process is negotiation-free for compensation and benefits.

Benefits for long-term temp employees (not contractors)

We also offer excellent benefits, including a Mac laptop (if needed), $200/pay month stipend towards cell phone and internet; $7k taxable hardship fund (not prorated); and paid time off, including vacation, sick, and holidays (prorated to your percentage time); and an Employee Assistance Program. On average, this position would be working less than 60% time (up to 20 hours per week), and ineligible for our retirement, healthcare, and life insurance benefits.

What Else You Should Know

The position can be based anywhere in the U.S.

We are an equal opportunity employer, are committed to racial and gender equity, and we make a particular effort to recruit candidates who identify as Black, Indigenous, people of color, and gender non-binary to apply for open positions.