High School Math Alabama Certified Teacher

High School Math Alabama Certified Teacher –Virtual

Welcome to Elevate K-12! As you navigate our jobs page, please be aware we are currently recruiting for the2024-2025school year. We are not hiring for summer school.

If you decide to apply, it should be with the understanding that most of our classes are assigned to teachers in the August through November time frame.

Joining Elevate K-12’s teaching network ishelpingteachers to teach on their terms! We strip away many of the excess burdens teachers typically shoulder andprovide you with anaward-winning curriculum, a supportive team, and a tech platform thatenables you to teach fromanywhere.The result? More time and energy spent making meaningful connections with students in aLiveclassroom!

The quick version:

  • Alabamacertified Math teachersfor grades 9-12.
  • This is a 1099-Contractposition there are no benefits offered, and no taxes withheld.
  • This role pays $35/hrfor time spent teaching.
  • In addition to teaching time, this role pays for administrative time, preparation duties, and training and development.
  • This ispart-timework, typically 10-20 hours per week on average. Please note that class assignments and working hours are not guaranteed.
  • Pick your own schedule! Classes can start anytime between August and March.

Now for the details. Lets talk about pay…

To make the pay as simple as possible, we have broken it down for you!

We are paying$35/hrfor remarkable teachers to deliver high-quality Mathinstruction to a range of schools in the state ofAlabama.On top of the$35/hr, you will receiveadministrative pay for work done outside of the classroom (e.g. preparing, grading, and collaborating). We also offer professional development, paid onboarding, and discretionary stipends.

Please remember this is a 1099contractposition requiring tech savviness, open availability during the regular school day, and a love for teaching!

Whats in it for you…

  • A chance to join our Teacher Network filled with remarkable teachers just like yourself, which will enable you to have the opportunity to take permanent teaching assignments as well as substitute opportunities all while being 100%remote!
  • A comprehensive curriculum is provided to you. We want you to focus on engaging teaching and differentiating learning for student success. Let us handle the curriculum!
  • A high level of freedom and flexibility with a support system behind you. We provide you with an Academic Coach who is there to assist you along the way.
  • Pay for teaching hours as well as administrative time.
  • Professional development and a robust paid onboarding program to help you prepare to be a successful Elevate K-12 instructor.
  • Did we mention it is 100%remoteteaching?
  • Our teacher network is a strong community of teachers who love new ideas, projects, and finding what works for our online learners! We welcome new teachers with open arms.

Who we are…

Elevate K-12 is an EdTech company based out of Chicago that brings innovation and flexibility into the classroom. Our mission is to enable high-quality,LIVEteaching for every learner regardless of zip code, so they can receive theeducationthey need to identify and pursue their unique passions in life. As a company, we are frequently adapting and growing to meet the needs of our partner schools and students. We value the learning moments that change can bring and actively seek out educators who can quickly pivot and adapt with us.

Our teaching network helps teachers teach on their own terms! We take away many of the excess burdens that teachers typically shoulder and provide teachers with an engaging curriculum, a supportive team, and a tech platform that enables teachers to teach from any private and professional setting life takes them.

Elevate K-12 is acreative,challenging, andadventurousnetwork where individuals and teams are driven by growth, collaboration, and the goal to constantly focus on our students’ needs. But through all of this, we always remember why were here:to teach!

Who YOU are and the essential prerequisites to join our network…

  • You have an active, verifiable Mathteaching certification in thestate of Alabama for grades 9-12.
  • You have abachelor’sdegreefrom an accredited university or college.
  • You have the required availability – a daily available time block of at least three consecutive hours, Monday through Friday, 8am – 4pm EST.For example, being available 9am-12pm EST Monday Friday.
  • Ability to work apart-timeschedule of 5-20 hours per week on average during normal school hours.
  • The ability to work remotely in aprivate and professional setting, with alaptop/desktop computer and a reliable high-speed internet connection.
  • Tech-savvy with the ability to use multiple computer programs and software, such as Microsoft Office and our proprietaryLIVEteaching platform. We are an EdTech company, after all.
  • You areflexible, can think critically, and can adapt to change quickly to ensure optimal student outcomes.
  • You are professional both in and outside of the classroom environment with students, colleagues, and school employees.
  • You respect and meet deadlines.
  • Most importantly… a passion for doing what you love… TEACH!

At Elevate, we treat teachers like the educated professionals they are. We empower our network of teachers to choose which classes they want to teach, when (and how much) they want to work, and where they want to log in while being empowered to teachLIVEin classrooms across the country. Become an Elevate teacher, and finally take control of your work/life harmony!

Elevate K-12 is acreative,challenging, andadventurousnetwork where individuals and teams are driven by growth, collaboration, and the goal to constantly focus on our students’ needs. But through all of this, we always remember why were here:to teach!

Thank you for your interest in Elevate K-12. We are excited to have you join us on our journey to bring equity and opportunity to our students, regardless of zip code!

Elevate K-12 is an equal opportunity employer.