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General Counsel

General Counsel




We see a future where millions of financially independent Digital Entrepreneurs are thriving in the Airtm ecosystem. To get there, Airtm will need to navigate a hyper regulated environment. Creating a legally sound strategy to expand our services and helping Airtm walk that line, is critical to our mission and for that we are seeking a highly skilled and experienced General Counsel to join our team. The General Counsel will be responsible for providing legal guidance and support to the company and its management team. This includes providing legal advice on a wide range of issues, such as contract negotiation, regulatory compliance and corporate governance, with a specific focus on digital assets and the laws and regulations surrounding them.

Must be admitted to practice law in at least one US state.

(Note: we are willing to go for ambition over experience.)

Have previous experience:

    • At least 7 years of experience in a law firm or in-house legal department, with a focus on corporate and commercial law with experience in the digital assets space and/or experience in a FinCen regulated MSB.
    • Able to manage high stress situations with a level head.
    • Guiding companies through regulation, decisioning and strategy.
    • Is able to guide the company and teams through the regulatory gray area.
    • Dealing with employment law, private financing/securities law, corporate governance, data privacy, and security.

You’ll fit right in if

    • You believe in financial freedom and are willing to stick your neck out for it.
    • You are willing to draw a line in the sand and to take and defend a position in front of all stakeholders.
    • You are an army of one and are willing to work with a minimal team and budget.
    • You are comfortable working in a startup whose priority is growth.