Freelance Customer Service Rep in a Contractor Role

Location:  Puerto Rico; 100% Remote; Freelance; Part-Time

🏡 Work from home

🚗 No hassles of commuting

📆 Schedule your own hours

🙌 Work when it’s convenient for you

💵 High pay rates

Independent contractors who are among the qualified candidates will provide customer service (taking inbound phone calls for a ridesharing company).

You will interact with customers primarily through inbound phone calls, helping them with all their needs.


🤙 Flexible work schedule options available

⏰ Majority of work hours are during weekdays and daytime

🗓️ Opportunity to create a work schedule that works best for you

Earnings & Revenue:

💵 Contract earnings $12 USD per hour

📞 Pay is determined by your phone call status when assisting customers

🤑 Additional incentives available based on client and performance metrics.

Required Skills for Contractors:

💬 Good written and verbal communication skills in English and Spanish

✅ Experience with customer service

🧐 Attention to detail with good problem-solving skills

🤗 Friendly and helpful tone of voice

🙌 Self-motivated, proactive, and resourceful

👩‍💻 Good at using technology, including computer applications and software.

Technology & Equipment Requirements:

💻 Personal computer with a minimum of 8GB RAM (tablets and Chromebooks are not permitted)

🎧 Wired USB headset with microphone for clear communication

💨 High-speed wired internet with a minimum of 10 Mbps download speed for seamless connectivity

🪟Operating system of Windows 10 or Windows 11 (some clients may accept AppleOS)

👾 Valid and up-to-date antivirus software installed

🤳Smart phone, Android tablet or iPad is required for program work, along with an authentication app.

💻 Windows 10 or Windows 11 operating system must be used (some clients will accept an AppleOS)

Work Environment Requirements:

🚪 Quiet, uninterrupted space

⌨️ Organized desk area

This is an opportunity specific to those providing service in Puerto Rico.  

Contractual Relationship: The relationship between you and Omni Interactions is a contractual relationship. You will remain an independent contractor for the duration of your program assignment. Omni Interactions will not be responsible for withholding taxes on your earnings while contracted with Omni Interactions. When you receive your contract, you will be asked to agree to have no claim against Omni Interactions hereunder or otherwise for vacation pay, sick leave, retirement benefits, Social Security, worker’s compensation, health or disability benefits, overtime, unemployment insurance benefits or employee benefits of any kind.