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Executive Assistant

Temporary Executive Assistant (6 month assignment)


Role Title: Temporary Executive Assistant

Length of role: 6 month contract, with possibility of extension or becoming permanent role

  • SF Bay Area Salary: $90k-110k Annual

Role Summary:

  • Provide comprehensive administrative support by managing scheduling, calendars, and travel arrangements.
  • Coordinate all planning and logistical aspects of various internal events and off-sites.
  • Serve as a direct line of communication between the executive team and people external to the organization.
  • Anticipate needs, problem-solve for any challenges, and manage emerging issues in a proactive manner.
  • Deliver relevant information to the CEO regarding upcoming meetings.
  • The temporary position will be supporting mainly the CEO along with various other C-Suites adhoc. Potential of contract to hire long term to support other C-Suites on-going.


  • 2-3 years of executive assistant experience working with high level executives and senior leadership
  • Experience with assisting multiple executives at the same time is preferred
  • Start-up experience and/or working in a fast paced environment is preferred
  • Advanced proficiency in G-Suite, Mac & Slack
  • Experience in event and project management and coordination such as Board of Director Meetings, Dinner Parties, etc.
  • Experience in meeting coordination, scheduling and planning
  • Experience in managing executive calendars & travel arrangements
  • Open to travel if necessary for assignment


“Conditions for excellence” Behaviors & Principles:

Interdependence Successful support systems are built on the ability to know not only how to help others, but also how and when to ask for help. In order to be successful you need to understand who you are supporting as a person. Understanding your own strengths, weaknesses and needs, as well as those of the people you support allows trust to be built through a symbiotic relationship in which you learn to work cohesively together.ExperimentationNot every human works and functions in the same way. You need to try various ways of supporting your C-Suite based on what they are needing the most help with. You serve as the right hand to make sure their day to day operations are smooth and easeful. You may also support multiple people that work in different ways with different needs, which will require you to try out a multitude of working styles. If something does not work, propose something else that might.

Abilities / Skills:

Navigation Ambiguity: You can make logical decisions with 60% of the information; knowing what questions to ask to get the job done, and when you can just make a call! You uncover issues and call out problems wherever you see them and then flag appropriately

Detail Oriented: Whether it’s formatting a document, writing an email, or planning a company event, no detail is too small!

Superb Communication You are a killer communicator — up, down and sideways! Your EQ is off the charts, and you communicate gracefully always, especially when communicating on behalf of executives you support. You never assume people can read your mind or in “between the lines.” You make your assumptions explicit and that they are the basis of your logic. You always take the time to document and “close the loop” especially when working cross functionally.

Collaboration You know how to divide and conquer and also work collaboratively between different executives and working styles (ex: between the CEO, the corporate team, and the clinic staff).Multi-taskingYou’re an excellent juggler, able to reprioritize constantly, and context-switch easily, without dropping balls or getting wires crossed.


Calendar and Schedule Management for C-suite

  • Maintain sensitive and complex calendars, book and confirm meetings, requiring coordination with the clinic, internal and external executives, and prospective job candidates
  • Develop personalized calendar management to support individual styles and needs
  • Clearly mark calendars to accurately reflect commitments

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements Allow for adequate travel time and prep time between meetings

  • Schedule any travel and accommodation arrangements necessary with impeccable attention to detail
  • Maintain preferences and rewards programs for travel accommodations

Manage Ad Hoc Projects and Requests

  • Head up various research projects, including but not limited helping the CEO feel prepared for upcoming meetings and investigating potential sites and vendors for events
  • Submit expense reports on time
  • Send relevant gifts to internal and external parties
  • Provide additional operational & organizational support for the Senior EA when needed (this could include scheduling company-wide meetings, completing docusign requests, submitting payments, assisting with internal company event planning)