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Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant

(remote work)

This position reports to the President of City Vision University. This position can either be full-time or part-time depending on the preference of the applicant. *This is a work-from-home position anywhere in the United States.

  • Executive Assistant. To provide administrative support to City Vision’s President including assisting the president with:
    • Compiling data and filing annual reports
    • Assisting with travel arrangements and receipt tracking
    • Assisting with scheduling as needed
  • Project Management. To provide support to City Vision’s President and VP’s of Partner Care through project management of partnerships including:
    • Attending partnership meetings to take notes and update our partnership database
    • Ensuring that followup communication happens with partners on a timely basis
  • General Administrative Support
    • Assist the Financial Manager in bank reconciliations and other areas where needed
    • Provide administrative support to all staff with technical tasks including updating web pages, student and faculty records, running reports, updating courses, etc.
    • Managing and updating databases of partners, students and alumni
    • Assist in compiling email newsletters and other communications to students, alumni and partners
    • Assist the Director of Admissions and the VP’s of Partner Care in updating databases of potential student inquiries and partners as needed.
    • Attend regular staff meetings, supervision meetings and staff chapel on Zoom.
    • Provide administrative support as needed.



  • Individuals must have at least an accredited Bachelor’s degree.
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to our Christian mission, vision and values
  • Individuals applying for this position should have very strong organizational skills and should be very detail-oriented.
  • Very strong technical expertise is required (extensive experience or training with Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheets and Windows).
  • U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident alien with valid work authorization.


  • Previous experience in Christian nonprofit organizations serving at-risk communities.


  • $39,000 (full-time), $19.50/hour (part-time)
  • Free tuition in City Vision University
  • Health insurance (for those working more than 30 hours/week. this will include 85% of an individual’s health plan and 50% of the portion of the cost of that person’s family health plan)
  • Work from home
  • We may consider candidates for this as a part-time position for exceptional candidates if that is preferred.