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Data Scientist

Data Scientist




Interested in defining how AI shapes the future of work? Cresta is on a mission to make every knowledge worker 100x as effective, 10x faster and 10x better. Cresta is focused on using AI to help the workforce, not replace them. Cresta uses our patented Expertise AI to uncover expert insights from every conversation and put those insights into action with real-time coaching during customer conversations.

We’re growing fast! Spun out of the Stanford AI lab and chaired by Google-X founder Sebastian Thrun, Cresta launched in 2020. Since then, we’ve grown revenue and our team by 300%! We’ve assembled a world-class team of AI and ML experts, go-to-market leaders, and top-tier investors and advisors including Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, and former AT&T CEO John Donovan. Our valued customers include brands like Intuit, Porsche, Verizon, and Mutual of Omaha and we have been recognized as a startup to watch by Business Insider, Forbes, and Gartner to name a few. We have huge ambitions and are looking for stellar candidates who have an entrepreneurial mindset and are excited to use cutting-edge AI to solve real-world business problems.

As a Data Scientist, you will be responsible for owning and systematizing the way Cresta shows value to our customers, working across all aspects of our customer journey. If you enjoy solving problems faced by large enterprise companies, have world-class written and verbal communication skills, and love data analysis, building 0->1 solutions to problems, and external presentations, then we’d love to talk!

What You’ll do:

  • Own and systematize a repeatable way to show value of Cresta for new and existing customers using standard statistical analysis methods (e.g. A/B tests) as well as product engagement and NLP techniques, all tied back to business outcomes
  • Design, create, and maintain self-serve internal tooling that can be used for communicating value and enabling others to answer questions
  • Analyze large corpuses of conversations using the latest research in NLP (e.g., LLMs): an example analysis might be “what are the key behaviors that top sales agents do that lead a sale?” and making that analysis repeatable to be used across different teams and customers

We’re looking for someone who has:

  • Proficiency in Python, SQL, data visualization, and data storytelling, as well as standard NLP analysis and workflows
  • 3+ years experience working with and analyzing large data sets to solve customer problems (Bonus: part of that with language/text data)
  • Strong knowledge of statistics and experimental design
  • Knowledge of a variety of machine learning techniques (clustering, decision tree learning, neural networks, etc.) and their real-world advantages/drawbacks
  • The ability to communicate results clearly written, verbally, and via presentations to both internal and external executives and data-savvy teams
  • Bonus: an advanced degree in a quantitative field (e.g., Statistics, Sciences, Engineering, CS, Math)
  • Bonus: experience leveraging LLMs to solve real-world business problems in production