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Data Entry Clerk

Data Entry Clerk


Worksite Remote

Job Type Temp

Pay Rate $15.20 – $17.60 / Hourly


Are you looking for a remote data entry position? If you want to work for an exciting company, that is entirely operating on a remote basis, this is the job for you!

In this role you will be given the opportunity to support accounts receivable responsibilities utilizing Microsoft Excel as well as ERP systems and databases, among other accounting and finance support functions. If you’re a reliable, lightning-quick thinker with perfectionist tendencies interested in speedy and accurate data entry, join the team and take one more step toward advancing your career.


– Gathering, sorting, and prioritizing data for computer entry

– Executing additional tasks as required

– Continuing operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes

– Working with highly confidential materials

– Detecting flaws in data while processing customer and account source documents

– Maintaining data entry requirements by following data program techniques and procedures

– Providing assistance with data entry and other administrative tasks


– Data entry speed over 8,000 keystrokes per hour with 100% accuracy

– Ability to work independently with minimal oversight

– High school diploma or equivalent

– Solid understanding of data entry

– Highly organized and self-motivated

– High degree of proficiency in Microsoft Excel

– Ability to use multiple computer systems, applications, and utilize search tools to find information

– Excellent written/verbal communication and organizational skills