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Conversion Optimization Designer

Conversion Optimization Designer



About Us

Chess.com is one of the largest gaming sites in the world and the #1 platform for playing, learning, and enjoying chess.

We are a team of 650+ fully remote people in 60+ countries working hard to serve the global chess community. We are here to support 125M+ chess players worldwide with the best possible product, content, and tools to serve the community!

We are a tech company. A gaming company. A content company. And we do it all with passion and commitment to the game. Above all we prize our mission-driven, flat, life-celebrating, no-corporate culture, and we look forward to meeting you and learning more about what you can bring to the team.

About You

You are an online designer with an emphasis on engagement and e-commerce. You are obsessed with conversion. Experiments are the most important part of your toolset. You are a behaviorist. A catalyst for action. You are as strong of a communicator as you are a designer. You are an obsessive listener who needs to know the response to all the questions you ask through your designs. You would also love nothing more than to bring your craft to the Chess.com team and help people around the world discover the awesomeness of chess!

What You’ll Do

  • Create simple, clear, and fun interactions
  • Take ownership in the design of core funnel screens across platforms
  • Collaborate with core team members to push the design vision of key engagement points
  • Delve through best practices across Gaming and SAS platforms
  • Utilize kaizen principles to continually improve retention and conversion rates
  • Work with creative team to assure consistency across platforms

Required Skills

  • Minimum 3 years experience in e-commerce / engagement / conversion design
  • You get chess
  • Excellent communicator and collaborator
  • Lifelong learner

About the Opportunity

  • This is a full-time position
  • We are 100% remote (work from anywhere!)

You can learn more about us here:

  • https://www.chess.com/article/view/how-chess-com-virtual-team-works-together
  • https://www.chess.com/about

We look forward to meeting you!