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Communications Manager

Communications Manager


In short: Full-time position. USA remote, please only apply if currently residing in the USA. Competitive salary & generous stock options in the company. We are building a phone plan you’ll love.

We are Gigs

  • Gigs is for telecommunications what Stripe is for payments. We empower brands to offer their own mobile service for smartphones and wearables:
    • Businesses can brand and launch their own phone plans. This allows companies to create smooth customer experiences, attract and monetize new users and unlock new revenue streams.
    • Consumers can sign up and activate their SIM card or eSIM in less than 5 minutes, and easily manage their plan online.
  • We are backed by Google Gradient Ventures and Y Combinator, as well as the investors behind Facebook, Dropbox, and Airbnb. As part of Gigs, you will have access to the teams, resources, and support from any company we work with. We count on a team of world-class advisors and angel investors that can help us navigate our rapid growth*.*
  • Gigs was part of the YC W21 and YC Growth W23 batches and has recently raised a $20MM Series A.

The position

  • You will be instrumental in expanding our US presence through a Communications lens: Your expertise lies in crafting a comprehensive communication strategy tailored for the US market. This includes crafting compelling narrative concepts that align seamlessly with our business development objectives, translating industry insights into captivating story angles.
  • You’ll spearhead our media relations and communication efforts: With a proven track record in B2B media relations and communication within the US market, you possess the ability to establish and nurture valuable relationships with influential media outlets.
  • You will play a pivotal role in our owned content initiatives: Your capabilities extend to crafting top-tier content for our blog, spanning a variety of formats such as articles, thought leadership pieces, and other engaging content types. Additionally, you have the knack for curating content that resonates strongly with our target audience.
  • You’ll be the vigilant guardian of competitor and market dynamics: Your vigilant monitoring of competitors’ PR activities and staying abreast of industry trends ensures that our communication strategy remains competitive and attuned to the ever-evolving landscape.
  • You will be our ambassador in San Francisco: Your skill set includes organizing and hosting events that elevate our brand visibility and effectively engage our target audience. Whether it’s webinars, conferences, or other event types, you possess the prowess to orchestrate successful initiatives.

About you

 We know that perfect candidates don’t exist. Even if not all of this applies to you, we’d love to learn more about you.

  • You have an extensive network of strong relationships to top-tier tech journalists and industry influencers
  • You have experience in high-growth B2B environments: You’ve spent 2-3 years navigating the challenges of high-growth B2B startups, showcasing your adaptability and resilience.
  • You are a master of communication: Your written and verbal communication skills are exceptional, allowing you to convey complex ideas effectively and engage with diverse stakeholders.
  • You have exceptional project management skills: Juggling multiple high-priority projects is second nature to you, thanks to your outstanding organizational skills and ability to maintain clarity in chaotic situations.
  • You are proactive, creative, and hands-on: You take the initiative to tackle challenges, bring creativity to your work, and consistently think ahead in a fast-paced environment.
  • You are collaborative and curious: You’ve had exposure to communications teams and possess a deep curiosity about productivity tools, demonstrating your ability to connect with different teams and your enthusiasm for exploring new technologies.

Our offer

  • Competitive salary matching experience.
  • 21 paid vacation days per year (PTO).
  • Generous stock options: We want everybody to be a true owner in Gigs (tax-free until exercised).
  • Free phone and data plan
  • Flexible working hours: We use meetings when needed and not per default.
  • Get your perfect setup: Mac, Mechanical Keyboard, Plugins, IDE. We are flexible and cover whatever you need to do the best work of your life.
  • A workplace built for remote-first work: We are building Gigs as a remote-friendly company. Take, own and implement decisions to build Gigs from scratch. You can join us in Berlin, or work from wherever you like. If you are based in Berlin, you can work from our office, or from the comfort of your home.
    • Gigs Pads: Our collection of beautiful homes around the world, for when you need a work-cation getaway.
    • Gigs Republic: Our semi-annual sunny offsite, a time for us to all come together ****for great food, lots of laughter, and leisurely activities.

Our process

The starting date is as soon as possible. However, we are willing to wait for the right candidate. And will do everything to accommodate your needs.

You’ll walk through four stages:

  • Get to know each other: We use this to pitch Gigs and get you excited to join. We’ll also use this chance to see whether both our expectations align.
  • Meet the team: You’ll get to meet our team members. We value team fit over everything else. This also gives you the chance to see whether you’d enjoy working with us.
  • Case Study: You will come up with a strategy how to boost our awareness in the US and how we can enable our customers
  • Final conversation: The team and you are going to chat more about the position, what you value, what you took away from the interviews so far, and whatever is on your mind.

We are mindful of your time: Going through all stages can be done within two weeks. Once you’ve passed them all we will extend a formal offer.