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Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Full Time

Senior Executive

Calling COOs with the grit and talent to take this company beyond recognition

First things first, this is remote – yes, no commute required, no traffic headaches or delays that make you want to cry. This is an all-access pass to work from wherever you are in the US.

Let s kick off with salary. Your annual base will be nestled comfortably between $180,000 – $250,000. On top of that, there’s additional annual compensation of $25,000 – $100,000 up for grabs.

Are you ready for the most titanic job description you’ve ever laid your eyes on? You bet that’s how we jive at McGaw. If being a top-dog COO – and the load that comes with it, makes you squirm, or you’re not the type to go on an Indiana Jones-style adventure into the details

Well, there’s a world of other companies out there for you. Otherwise, read on – this description s going to set you on fire and get your heart pumping.

You see, at McGaw, we don’t just settle we chase down the spectacular!

What You Need to Have in Your Toolbox

Stoked on a drive that just won’t quit, we’ve got a one-track mind to get better every damn day. So, hell-bent on self-improvement, we changed our name to groove even better with the market and our partners.

Our roots, though? They’re not going anywhere!

From our badass former name, Effin Amazing, to today’s more mature McGaw, we’ve remained unshakeable to our culture and values. We’re all about spreading warmth to foster trust and employing data to cast light on our operations. Just a snapshot of our ethos to give you a glimpse of the magic backstage.

The Exciting Adventures You’ll Embark On

McGaw stands tall in the tech stack management (TSM) arena. We collaborate with blossoming companies, strategizing and constructing their operations, integrations, processes, customer data, analytics, insights, and automation to forge a revenue juggernaut that drives marketing, sales, product, and customer success.

Our mission? To make companies realize their customer data is like a goose laying golden eggs. And we make it happen through data infrastructure, analytics, automation, personalization, funnel optimization, and artificial intelligence.

Our rap sheet is overflowing with wins and hard-earned experience optimizing revenue across the entire customer journey. With specialized knowledge and hands-on capabilities, we’ve covered the tech stack management from A to Z.

Whether it’s weaving strategies for the customer journey, integrating systems, generating insights from reporting, or applying data science to send revenue through the roof, we’ve got you covered. We have the leadership, the team, and the case studies that scream, “We’re pretty darn awesome.”

Enter McGaw s first Chief Operating Officer (COO)

You’ll be the trusty sidekick to our energetic Founder/CEO, Dan McGaw (linkedin.com/in/danielmcgaw).

Now, let’s set the record straight.

Getting your tango on with Dan, a tattoo-sporting, high-octane, straight-talking CEO/founder, ain’t a cakewalk.

With over 20 years of trailblazing as a founder, Dan’s got the tenacity to challenge you every single day. Expect spirited debates and all-round brainstorming to ensure we’re generating the best ideas, not just the first ones that pop into our heads.

Dan might be an adrenaline junkie with a penchant for cranking up the volume, but don’t let his punk-rock veneer fool you. He’s as warm-hearted as they come, always the first to lend a hand when his team, friends, and clients find themselves in a jam.

More Reasons to Love McGaw

McGaw is on the prowl for a seasoned COO with a hefty resume in a tech consulting/agency environment. We’re talking strong financial management, PNL knowledge, and the ability to keep operations and processes smooth with checklists, operating docs, and accountability. Leadership chops and a direct approach to business are absolute must-haves for this role.

A Day in Your Superhero Life: What the Future Holds for Our COO

Our dream candidate? Someone steeped in consulting and services delivery, preferably having climbed the ladder all the way to the executive suite. We believe this journey fosters a winning blend of resilience and expertise, plus familiarity with the practices, policies, and procedures.

With your background and prowess, you’ll help our team of all-star professionals, driving them to be efficient, productive, and impactful. You will hold them accountable, build document processes for training, and ensure that the team and clients are having a blast at McGaw.

Your Mission: To fine-tune service delivery, client experience, company profits, hiring, revenue growth, and business infrastructure to hit the company’s business targets. You’ll add depth to the Founding CEO’s skill set, working in tandem as comrades.

Objectives of this Role:

  • Drive the services team to deliver top-tier services that boost our client’s revenue and profits.
  • Roll out and uphold organization-wide goal setting, performance management, and monthly operating planning.
  • Oversee company operations and employee productivity, fostering an inclusive culture and nurturing team members’ career growth while meeting organizational objectives.
  • Work in sync with the CEO to define and execute the organizational vision, strategy, and hiring needs.
  • Translate organizational vision and strategy into actionable revenue goals for growth and profits.
  • Uphold effective recruiting, onboarding, professional development, performance management, and retention for all team members.
  • Stick to company, federal, state, and local business requirements, enforce compliance, and step in when necessary.



  • Commandeer the senior leadership team, including VPs and Directors in Client Services and Partnerships.
  • Provide robust leadership, management, and people development, focusing on workflow, efficiency, and growth. Stoke the team members’ fire to achieve business objectives.
  • Direct the team’s activities to maintain optimal operations, ensuring compliance with established standards and practices and meeting crucial deadlines.
  • Lead team management: from recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training staff, to directing, coaching, inspiring, and mentoring staff.
  • Ensure collaboration and dedication across all departments, clearly defining responsibilities and accountabilities for all teams.
  • Identify, develop, and execute all necessary training for the team, keeping them versatile and up-to-speed.
  • Assist supervisors in overseeing employee productivity and building an inclusive and engaged culture.


  • Collaborate with the CEO to hatch actionable business strategies and plans that align with short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Work with the CEO and Senior Leadership in setting and propelling organizational vision, operations, strategy, and human resource needs.
  • Translate strategies across all areas of Operations into measurable and achievable goals.
  • Develop company policies, processes, and workflows.
  • Manage P&L with the CEO, develop an operating budget, and bring senior leadership up to speed with the organization’s financial and budget process.
  • Keep a tight leash on capital investment and expenses to ensure the company hits investor targets.
  • Establish effective processes to manage McGaw workflow and hours to agreed client scope.
  • Be the watchdog for the quality and consistency of McGaw services.
  • Work with the CEO on sales management to allocate sufficient investment capital to hit growth targets.
  • Team up with leadership to develop marketing and support solutions.
  • Evaluate company performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics.
  • Maintain and build trusted relationships with key customers, clients, partners, and stakeholders.

So, you’re curious about the kinda superpowers you need to possess to nail this gig, huh?

Well, we’re talking about a resume as jam-packed as a Thanksgiving turkey, with 15+ years in digital and operations, preferably running at full tilt in a MarTech, analytics, or revops agency. Add to that, a decade being the boss, and half of that time mastering the financial side of custom integrations and services delivery.

Four years of strutting your stuff in C-level roles will do nicely, thank you.

It’s not enough to just understand the marketing tech landscape – we need you to know it like the back of your hand: products, services, architecture, platforms, the whole enchilada.

You should have more experience in process improvement than a 5-star chef has recipes. Agile? We’d love a sprinkle of that! You should also have a head for figures that’d make a seasoned accountant green with envy.

If you can sniff out problems like a bloodhound and forecast potential issues like a seasoned weatherman, you’re on the right track. Your learning curve should be steeper than Mount Everest and your problem-solving skills sharper than a ninja’s choice weapon. Remaining as cool as a cucumber under pressure and beaming positivity like a 100-watt bulb are just par for the course here.

Being a whizz at handling multiple complex projects, a go-getter who takes initiative, and someone who doesn’t buckle under deadlines is who we’re looking for. Your interpersonal skills should be as smooth as a Shakespearean sonnet, and you need to have a knack for diffusing a tense situation like a bomb disposal expert.

Qualifications: What Have You Got Up Your Sleeve?

As for qualifications that make us go weak in the knees: Experience in a tech startup smaller than a hive of bees, or a large company bigger than a bustling city; expertise working remotely and leading a virtual tribe; international business experience and working in a high-octane, high-growth company would make our hearts skip a beat.

Now, onto the scorecard of success

After three months of stretching your superpowers, we’re hoping for a 10% boost in client satisfaction and retention, a 5% hike in project profitability, and a 10% improvement in labor efficiency. You’ll also be masterminding our growth management meetings and laying down some cool hiring plans.

Six months in, and we’re looking for client revenue expansion to go up by 10%,

Project profitability and labor efficiency to get a 10% and 20% leg-up respectively.

We’re also hoping to see you whip up some repeatable upsell and cross-sell processes.

A year later, with you at the helm, we should see:

A 15% rise in project profitability,

20% improvement in labor efficiency, and

An awe-inspiring 50% increase in new hire retention.

And just for fun, YoY revenue growth of 50%.

Our Benefits Are the Cherry On Top of This Sweet Gig

We’re talking flexible hours, remote work (U.S.-based superheroes only), competitive salary with profit sharing, a radically transparent workplace, and an open-door policy for your genius ideas. Plus, unlimited PTO, Starbucks and Uber Eats monthly allowances, 3% 401k contribution, top-tier health insurance, parental leave, snazzy tech gear for remote setup, and a bunch of paid holidays.

Oh, and the chance to become a beacon of knowledge in the marketing tech community. And a learning curve that makes Mount Everest look like a bunny slope. Phew!

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

As McGaw s super COO, your gig is orchestrating the daily hubbub of the services/delivery teams and the fiscal fitness of McGaw. You’ll be the one to hatch slick processes, protocols, and workflows, cherry-picking the right tools to balloon profits, design super-smooth departmental workflows, and guarantee a high-five experience for our clients and squad.

Your secret weapon? A razor-sharp business acumen and a knack for strategic thinking. You’ll sprout and nurture relationships within McGaw and with our clients, paving the way for radical honesty and team spirit.

Your Objectives, Set in Stone:

Your goal? Buddy up with the CEO to envision and steer the organizational vision, operational strategy, and hiring game plan. As our dynamic COO, you’ll transform strategy into a tangible set of organization-wide goals, performance management, and a master plan for annual operations.

You’ll hold the reins of our business operations and employee productivity, kindling an ultra-inclusive culture, ensuring our team members thrive like never before, and hitting our organization’s targets. You’ll be the guru of effective recruiting, onboarding, professional development, performance management, and retention.

And let’s not forget compliance. You’ll ensure McGaw toes the line with company, federal, state, and local business rules, enforcing compliance, and cracking the whip when needed.

The View From Your Office:

You’ve got the marketing/revenue/analytics/data tech landscape at your fingertips. You’re in the know about how business/revenue strategy, in sync with the tech stack, ramps up revenue. As our linchpin, you’ll partner with the client services team and their clients to churn out win-win outcomes for both them and McGaw.

While the CEO will take the wheel for sales, marketing, and new customer acquisition, you’ll be the trusted lieutenant. Supporting the CEO with sales/revenue growth, overseeing the Sales Director to expand our current client projects is your gig.

As our COO, you’ll be the maestro of financial forecasting and budgeting to secure the investment capital needed to hit those growth targets. Leveraging your solid financial and accounting know-how, you’ll put together an operating budget and get the senior leadership clued in on the company’s financial and budgeting operations.

Your Day-to-Day And How Your First Few Months With Us Will Look

Your First Month on Board:

In your first month, the CEO will school you on the ins and outs of our business, introduce you to the McGaw values, and set up chit-chats with the team. You’ll get the lowdown on our client delivery process, the company’s backstory, team dynamics, and industry insights. Your key mission will be to partner closely with the CEO.

Your First 3 Months, In a Nutshell:

In the next couple of months, you’ll get your hands dirty with our service delivery process, jot down observations for potential changes, and validate your ideas with the team to draft a to-do list of actions. You’ll be tasked with whipping up a hiring plan, financial forecast, and budgets to speed up revenue and profitability.

During Your Second 3 Months:

In this phase, you’ll implement your hiring plans, spruce up organizational charts, and revamp financial planning to double the company’s revenue in the next year. You’ll join forces with the CEO to tweak and optimize the company’s 3-year plan to achieve at least 50% YoY revenue growth.

After Your First 6 Months:

By now, you should be totally rocking the services team and business operations, freeing up the CEO to zero in on sales, marketing, and recruiting. You’ll have your fingers on the pulse of McGaw and be ready to take it to the next level!

Remember, you’re joining a team that values trust, radical candor, and a good bit of fun along the way. We can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to McGaw!